Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mana Spring and Blessing of Wisdom to Share Buff Slot.


I'm an idiot who really should play more Shaman, Eyonix only said the name of the right skill FOUR BLINKING TIMES! Title updated, with my thanks to Isa in comments.

Hot off the presses we have this from Eyonix:

We are making a change to these spells so that their benefits are exclusive in patch 3.1.0. The buffs will be equivalent, but will no longer stack. Mana Spring will affect the entire raid instead of just the shaman’s party. We felt that both paladins and shamans brought too many unique buffs to a group. Additionally, we have been trying to tone down mana regeneration in large groups, and were concerned raids would feel the need to stack paladins or especially shaman to have enough Mana Spring totems. We have also been trying to get more benefits out of the party and into the raid, and Mana Spring previously was still a party only buff. With this change, if there is only one paladin, he or she can bring Blessing of Kings while the shaman offers Mana Spring. If there are two paladins and the second offers Blessing of Wisdom, then the shaman can offer healing or cleansing with their water totem instead.


Can't say that I didn't see this one coming. I wonder if another class is going to get a BoK equivalent in the future, my guess is 'probably'.


Anonymous 11/03/2009, 17:43  

Not to be snarky, but you might want to change your post title from Tide to Spring. I saw it on the Blessing of Kings blog and about had a heart attack, since making Tide and BoW similar would involve a major change to one or both abilities. The actual change to Mana Spring seems pretty reasonable.

Suicidal Zebra 11/03/2009, 17:57  

Thanks very much for the comment Isa. I always get those two blinking ability names mixed up. Title updated.

Klepsacovic 11/03/2009, 18:10  

This was one of those things which seemed strange to not be exclusive since they have the same effect and are both 'permanent'. The timing is good, fitting with BoK becoming baseline.

Merlot 11/03/2009, 19:05  

I knew it. They are now so far down the wrong road with replenishment they're too proud to turn round. Sad but inevitable.

Dorgol 11/03/2009, 19:30  

Not really surprised.

If Blizzard decides to share the Kings buff, my bet is on Mark of the Wild. It already increases all stats, afterall. Figure on both being changed to offer % to all stats (maybe only 5% instead of 10%) + Armor + Resistances.

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