Saturday, May 09, 2009

Super Secret Alternate Star Trek Ending.

Baddie defeated. Galaxy is saved except for the one planet. Enterprise is set to leave.

Quinto-Spock comes on board and requests permission to stay on as first officer. But there is something different about him.

Something strange.


...has a goatee.

"J.J. Abrams: screwing with Trekkies any which way he can."

(Film is awesome btw. The science is horribly bad, but overall it rocked. If you don't get the reference it doesn't mean you're a bad person. This would have been a photo-shop post but my GIMP skills are awful.)


LarĂ­sa 10/05/2009, 01:22  

The movie was awesome. Best ST movie so far. Seeing old spoc almost brought me into tears. Think they captured the essense of Kirk really well. Now if they only could make another series too?

Will Armstrong 10/05/2009, 01:38  

MINOR SPOILERS AND MINOR NERD RANT AHEAD!It was alright, but it didn't quite sit right with me. Something about Spock showing Kirk the future, showing Scotty his formula before he developed it, and hanging around to talk to his younger self. It felt like they ripped the science and morality/philosophy that defined the series out so they could just ram star ships at each other.

Maybe I'm spoiled by the Next Generation, but Star Trek to me was always about humanity finding it's place in the universe while avoiding repeating the mistakes of the past (cultural interference, self-destruction, etc). Everything happening in this movie was building towards shooting stuff.

I don't care for Abrams' work at all; he takes what he thinks is the 'essence' of a genre/franchise, completely misses the point, and goes off to make something 'his'.

I walked out feeling like this should have been called "J.J Abram's STAR TREK".

And I'm not even that hardcore of a trekkie!

Fish 11/05/2009, 14:51  

I thought the movie was pretty darned awesome and as for showing scotty his formula before he came up with it, if you'll remember star trek 4, scotty himself showed someone future tech and said "how do you know he didn't invent the thing?"

The only thing to me that was a little odd was Kirk chasing after uhura, then seeing her making out with spock. Um SPOCK ISN'T SUPPOSED TO MAKE OUT WITH ANYONE!!!

I did think seeing kirk messing around with her green roommate was hilarious to anyone who saw THAT original episode. . .

Alex - aka Firelight 13/05/2009, 13:46  

I loved it!! My friends and I rocked up to London to catch the flick on IMAX and it blew my mind!!

No complaints here! The only thing I'm wondering about is what Star Trek Online is going to do about the Vulcan incident!!!

Do they leave things how they are and say - this is an alternate reality - or do they remove it from the game altogether?

Tim - can you come speak to me in-game if you have a minute - I wanna speak to you about Argent Tournament pets!

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