Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stick a Fork In It...

When is it time to can your wow-blog? Well, when it's necessary to post something like this. History here.

The shame is that 'Ferarro's' guides have been pretty good, a lot better than most of the dross posted on Paladins of all specs and stripes. Frankly though there is no way to redeem the cluster**** the blog has become, the previous actions and subsequent attempts at rationalising those actions will and should forever taint it. Seriously, there is no way you can defend what's been done and this 'seven different authors' bull strikes me as an attempt to deflect and minimise responsibility.

I just hope that the lass who was ripped off hasn't been harmed in any way by Ferarro's actions.'s reputation will also be hurt by this, though hopefully not much.

Ferarro, or whoever you are. Archive the guides and close the blog down. If you really want to set up somewhere else with a clean slate - this is the internet and no-one can stop you. Be aware however that you're forever going to be known as one creepy bastard.


Just to be clear, my annoyance isn't because he/she has lied. Everyone has lied and will lie to a greater or lesser extent, and if he/she had merely made up a persona and posted in that persona it would be no big deal. I don't of course find it borderline virtuous to lie, but so long as no-one gets harmed and no money is extorted I could generally care less.

No, the issue is the identity theft. Lets not delude ourselves, when you steal someone's photo's and personally posted information and pass it off as your own it is exactly that. It's bold, brazen and despicable, doubly so considering that Techdarling has apparently been stalked in the past. In that light Ferarro's send-off post makes my blood boil.


Klepsacovic 31/05/2009, 22:45  

I feel like I should be outraged, but this is so weird that I can't even get mad. It's just weird.

I feel sorry for the girl whose image was stolen. That's just wrong. I could see using totally random pictures that are somehow representative of the subject, but to consistently present oneself as someone else is just... um...


Suicidal Zebra 01/06/2009, 00:04  

Indeed. If it was just pilfering a few pics it would be bad, but not too bad. Unfortunately he/she/they stole not only pics but whole personal posts which firmly crosses the boundary into stalking in my book.

I'm not sure I'm outraged - disgusted fits better.

Klepsacovic 01/06/2009, 01:58  

Apparently I missed the posts part. Wow. I suppose that's why the pictures seemed to fit well. Virtual identity theft? That's incredibly creepy.

On a related note, I'd not heard anything about this until I saw this post, so when I saw the title I thought it was about you closing your blog. That made me sad.

Christian Clark 01/06/2009, 03:11  

Not really sure what to think, really.

Averna 01/06/2009, 04:39  

Yup, exactly. The whole thing is very effed up. A lot of me wants it to stay up - it really did have some good paladin information (as far as I can tell, I'm a resto drood) - but she's got some good guides.

If it DOES shut down though, I won't be surprised or bummed.

Paolo 01/06/2009, 08:29  

The seven different authors don't hurt me... but photo-identity theft is actually disgusting and... useless... I mean... no necessity to do that (except for luring readers).

Rexkicker 01/06/2009, 15:12  


Words can't describe...

Fish 01/06/2009, 15:20  

So Wesley wasn't the real dread pirate roberts?

Averna 01/06/2009, 18:44  

Oh, also - gave you some link love on my last5 post. Wanted to give you a heads up. =D

Ardent Defender 01/06/2009, 21:18  

Best way to sum all this up is simply ........EPIC!

Hana 02/06/2009, 00:22  

While I read Ferraro's posts and found them informative, I never linked her blog for one major reason...

I didn't believe that she could really be living the glamorous light as a tester for Blizzard.

I don't work for Blizzard, but having worked as a game tester before I have a very good idea of how things work in the industry. There's no way she could have said everything she did while under an NDA without getting slapped down and fired. Blizzard does read blogs after all.

What has surprised me really is that she's lasted as long as she has.

Will Armstrong IV 02/06/2009, 03:58  

This just in: Suicidal Zebra is neither Suicidal nor a Zebra.

Unknown 02/06/2009, 15:35  

Well, even more of her/his/it's posts are deleted today, along with the artwork, leaving only the guides. I suspect the site will go away once the account comes due.

And what is it with the wow blogging community? There used to be about 20 blogs I would visit that were active. I'm down to about 5 that are active. Seems the days of wow blogging might be over.

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