Friday, January 30, 2009

Like the Dodo that Swallowed a Mobile Phone.

Dead, except for the occasional beep. That is the status of my PC, and right now I'm struggling hard not to take a baseball bat to it Office Space style.

Such can be the pitfalls of self-built PC's. Not so much with the 'it went wrong' part, I'm pretty sure that self-builds have no higher failure rate than off-the-shelf, but more generally because when it does go wrong you have no-one to phone up and swear at. You have no outside corporation who can pick it up to take away to diagnose the failure and quote you a price for fixing it. You have no safety-net and only have yourself to blame. Anything you do to try and fix it comes straight out of your pocket, whether it works or not.

I'm pretty sure that the Mobo is dead. It's a Gigabyte P35-DS3R which apparently has prior for cold boot errors that roughly fit the symptoms. But there is no point in spending £50 in replacing it when it could just as easily be the CPU, or dead memory, or a series of other things. Throwing good money after bad is something I've done before and I'm not willing to do again, even for the sake of £60.

Ho-hum, it was probably my own fault for having too much fun playing. I should have suspected that something would happen when I downed Sartharion earlier in the week, and I was looking forward to Naxx tomorrow with my new guild. This weekend will instead probably consist of drowning in self-pity and trying to set-up this laptop correctly.



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