Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fail Wintergrasp Is Fail.

I was Horde. And no, we didn't win.


wtfspaghetti 14/01/2009, 06:41  



Alex - aka Firelight 14/01/2009, 09:26  

What do you expect on Steamwheedle Cartel!! Alliance outnumber Horde 3.5 to 1 or something!!

Although its funny at the weekends Horde nearly always have Wintergrasp!

Is Unspeakable Destiny the largest of the Horde guilds left? Them and Omen are always trying to take Wintergrasp!

Suicidal Zebra 14/01/2009, 15:44  

I'm not sure if UD is the largest Horde guild on SWC, but it's almost certainly the furthest advanced within its' raid alliance. Because they are all decked out in PvE Epics you tend to notice them the most, especially when they have Tenacity.

Green Armadillo 14/01/2009, 16:23  

Was this during peak hours? Perhaps your server demographics are different from mine, because I don't remember the last time EITHER side successfully defended the keep during prime time - you can pretty much rely on it changing hands every three hours until people go to bed for the night, after which it tends to stay with the defenders by inertia until people get home from work the next afternoon.

Suicidal Zebra 14/01/2009, 18:36  

It was around 11pm, so not at peak hours but nor truly off-peak. Lack of numbers weren't a problem as much as a lack of co-ordination.

Horde is outnumbered fairly heavily by Alliance on SWC-EU, but even so attacks are often successful. On the other hand I'm not sure that I've ever been on a successful defense. It appears that being heavily outnumbered is a pretty large issue even with the Tenacity buff.

Green Armadillo 14/01/2009, 20:33  

I can remember a few successful prime time defenses from back before there were enough 80's to slow the server to a crawl. Server lag is a huge advantage for the attacking side, as it decreases the odds that the defenders' AOE will go off in time to interrupt the orb capture. (I once was in a successful defense where we held the orb room with AOE for a full 12 minutes.)

Since the lag started happening, I don't recall ever seeing the keep survive an attack between 3 PM and 10 PM (this is a PST server, so the 3 PM represents the East Coast folks getting home, and the 10 PM/ 1 AM EST is as late as I stay up ;)). The attackers win every single time, regardless of which side has tenacity.

Like I said, it's a bit more of a tossup when there are like 20 people (total) in the entire zone, but in general Blizzard seems to have balanced the keep to change hands often. That will only get more pronounced if the 3.0.8 PTR changes (tougher vehicles, weaker final keep door, instant click cap on the orb) go forward.

Alex - aka Firelight 15/01/2009, 10:26  

SWC Alliance are lazy - thats why you often get Wintergrasp.

World PvP has always been a bit slacking - I think Alliance will always have WG between 7pm-9pm server time.

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