Friday, May 23, 2008

Turn Undead, Demon Form and Lichborne.

Some other news from the Alpha notes: Paladins will apparently get the cooldown on Turn Undead/Evil removed entirely. Also, Warlocks in their new Demon Form will be classed as Demons, and Deathknights when they activate Lichborne will classed as Undead. We all should know what this means, divine retribution for Paladins against Warlocks. Fear-locking the form-changing git should be our first inclination, lets see how they like it.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.


A bit more on Lichborne: It makes you immune to all the things Undead are immune to, i.e. Fear, Sleep and Mind Control etc. It's a talent, not a baseline ability. Right now it has a loooong (and I do mean looong) cooldown of I believe around 15mins, and very limited duration. I doubt that it'll remain that long as Blizzard moves forward into Alpha but I suppose it depends on how they envision the ability to function. As things stand the skill seems to be a fancy bit of flavour rather than of genuine use in PvE (in a tanking role) or PvP (to mess up Priests and Warlocks).


Lichborn now has a 5-minute category (shared) cooldown. I think it would be unsurprising to see that cooldown dropped another couple of minutes come live.


Alex - aka Firelight 23/05/2008, 11:06  

Our Retribution will be Swift...

/cast Turn Evil


PS - Just found your blog! Added it to my blog roll! :)

Thanks for the comments thus far!

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