Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Thursday Thoughts

Some more Thursday Thoughts:

  • Reaper finishes next week, and I'm going to have to think of something else to watch on Wednesday evenings. I doubt that Ghost Whisperer is going to fill the void.

  • Also in Television, I've just heard about Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku's new series 'Dollhouse'. Apparently a viral marketing campaign for the series started this week, but to be honest I respect Whedon enough to give whatever he pens a go. Of course, the major problem is whether it's going to reach these shores on a channel other than Sky 1, and even if we do get it how far behind will it be? According to the Wiki article it's due to start in the US sometime in January 2009 and run for a half-season (13 episodes).

  • There are yet more keyloggers kicking around this week, mainly due to a new Flash vulnerability being exploited by a bunch of Chinese hackers. Thank goodness for NoScript and other flash/ad blockers, but knowing that I'm relatively safe does not lessen my sympathy for those that do get hacked.

  • I'm resigned to not resubscribe to WoW until I have some idea of the release date of Wrath. It's a bit of a downer, but without more PvE content going back to my 70's on Steamwheedle Cartel EU will be a waste of money. It doesn't help that the Ruin Battlegroup is an utter farce for PvP and SWC-EU is pretty dead horde-side.

  • There is however a silver lining, my brother or friends will be able to take advantage of the Scroll of Resurrection offer and nab a free month.

  • I'm getting more used to HTML, and found this nifty little reference site. I've got a hell of a long way to go, but I don't now think that it's as impenetrable as I did.

  • Setting the background of this website to a series of black and white stripes is a really bad idea. Must Not Repeat!

    Alex - aka Firelight 30/05/2008, 16:57  

    I didnt realise you were on SWC-EU!

    Is your account still active?

    Email me dude we can chat sometime in game:

    a . zervas (at) atlantis-networks dot co dot uk

    Suicidal Zebra 30/05/2008, 18:33  

    Nope, my account's not been active since... *checks armoury* cripes mid-March. Didn't think it had been that long.

    If I do re-sub I'll be sure to hit you up, though unfortunately my characters are horde-side. I was tempted to I Xfer my alliance chars from Dragonblight to SWC when I was still active so I could level with my brother come Wrath, but never had the spare funds. Still in two minds about that, it may just be cheaper to reroll an Alliance Deathknight ;).

    Alex - aka Firelight 03/06/2008, 14:05  

    I got a tauren Shaman called "Shamanjim" he's 26 at the mo and leveling hard!!

    I hope to catch up some time :)

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