Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Thursday Thoughts

Some Thursday Thoughts:

  • I really could do with knowing more HTML. You'd think that with a CompSci degree I'd know a little more than the odd tag but I really don't. So, to anyone that reads this, a link to a HTML/CSS tutorial site would be really, really handy.

  • I'm starting to get an itch to play WoW again, so it's probably lucky that AoC will be out tomorrow. I'm really not sure why I'd both going back to WoW right now, I'd just end up grinding more dailies and honour without any real purpose and using it as an expensive chat client.

  • American political blogs are hilarious. Whether it be on the left or the right both sides are perfectly willing to throw their own leading lights under the when it is expedient to do so. I wonder if this is a quirk of the 2-party system they have or simply a expression of motivations which are universal.

  • Deal or No Deal is great wallpaper television, and Noel Edmonds is a legend.

  • John Terry is an unlucky bastard. That's not to say that Chelsea deserved to win, as a Spurs supporter I could never admit that, but to lose the game on penalties because of a slip is a heck of a way to go out.

    Dr. Device 07/01/2009, 16:15  

    This is likely too belated to be of much use, but I was perusing your old posts and saw the request for links to tutorials on HTML/CSS. If you're not already aware of it provides quite a bit of information on most things web. I've frequently used it for CSS and HTML reference, but it also includes XML, PHP, ASP, and a wide variety of other things. None of it is extremely complex, but it has enough of the basics that, with some ingenuity, you can do virtually anything web-wise based on their tutorials.

    Also, I'd recommend checking out the JQuery library ( ) if you want to get fancy at all. I've used it in a couple blogs and the flexibility it adds for things can be fun (albeit completely unnecessary).

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