Thursday, November 05, 2009

Good News Everyone... The Real Paladin Tier 10


The page was ninja-updated. The set below is in fact Season 8 PvP, and MMO-Champs version was Tier-10. Damn. Oh well, at least the Season 8 Set looks good.

*goes off to cry*


The Official Tier-10 Sneak Peak has been updated to include previews of the Paladin and Priest Tier-10, and I'm pleased to say that the former differs significantly from that datamined by MMO-Champion. Here's the image,

I'm tempted to say that it looks a hell of a lot like the next Paladin PvP tier rather than Tier-10, but we'll get no better advance warning on the looks of the official tier than the horses mouth. Personally, I like the look a whole lot more than the datamined graphics and it feels a heck of a lot more 'Paladiny', if that's a word I'm allowed to invent.

I'm not sure what the datamined version actually is, perhaps an NPC model or Shaman T-10. Or it may be that Blizzard have got their wires crossed somewhere. We shall see.

The link to the page of all set previews is always on the right of this blog.


Micah 05/11/2009, 20:27  

I hate to be the one to tell ya...

Check out the preview now.

Morrighan 05/11/2009, 22:48  


Have a cookie. We'll need cookies in the days to come. Lots of cookies.

Will Armstrong 06/11/2009, 19:56  

I can't believe people have gotten so used to god-awful paladin sets that they're willing to overlook ugly sets like this Season 8 gear. The snow shovel shoulders and Rey Mysterio (I had to google who he is too) helm are barely original and hardly heroic.

The Tier 10 set is just plain terrible though, so at least we agree there.

Chris 06/11/2009, 20:51  

It looks like a smurf drank a bottle of Goldschlager and crapped out that T10 set. Lol

Suicidal Zebra 07/11/2009, 00:37  

@ Will

I partially agree on Season 8 - I dislike the helm and the shoulders could do with being toned down a little. However the colour scheme is spot on for what I think Tier-10 should look like: a Plate-clad Paladin righteously kicking ass for the Light. This is in stark contrast to the current Tier-10, which amounts to 'Screw it, I'd look like Hellspawn but the stats are awesome'.

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