Friday, June 19, 2009

Enough Twinks To Sustain BG XP Changes?

So, the new patch notes have been released. I've finally got material to talk about other than how much my guild failed last week on Thaddius (*sigh*) or setting up a weekly snark screenshot. But rather than shoot my proverbial load too early I'll instead space things out a bit.

By now you've probably all heard of the changes to Battlegrounds so that XP can now be gained from PvP objectives, and that XP gain can now be turned off. If you haven't, the notes are in the UnderDev page. The key line is the following:

# Players with experience gains turned off who compete in Battlegrounds will face off only against other players with experience gains turned off.

It'll be interesting to see if there are enough players to make Twink BG's a self-sustainable exercise. The assumption that most non-twink players make about low level battegrounds is that a small number of (primarily Rogues) dominate a session against a set of non-twinked players there to have a bit of fun. The stipulation outlined above may just serve to split the groups doing low-level PvP between those PvPing and Levelling at the same time, and those who aren't. This could have a very significant impact on low-level PvP in smaller Battlegroups.

On the other hand my own rush to judge may be doing the Twink community a disservice. Sure, they may have to get organised, but there just may be enough players to really keep the gameplay vibrant at the low levels. Preventing any form of XP gain also makes creating and gearing your Twink a heck of a lot easier. If nothing else the hardcore PvPers will have a chance to compete in organised, selective, large-scale PvP against each other at lvl80 earlier.

What do you think, should the XP/Non-XP separation remain in place?


Klepsacovic 19/06/2009, 05:46  

It should definitely remain.

Or maybe it should go away and XP is non-optional. I'm mean. :)

It could end up like pre-mades: WoW attempts to match them, but if that fails for too long they go against a PUG. This seems like the worst solution because if twink populations aren't high enough, they'll just end up fighting leveling players after waiting around for half an hour.

whatsmymain 19/06/2009, 13:47  

I think they should remain seperate. There is no greater deterent to pvp for a new player then going into a bg and lvl 15 and being one shotted by a rogue.

I enjoy doing pvp while leveling but sometimes the twinks just make things hard especially if there isn't a balance between the 2 factions.

Twinks should fight twinks. That way they can truely claim that it is skill that lets them slaughter other players.

Will Armstrong 19/06/2009, 14:05  

The future of twinking is glorious, nothing but hunters and rogues as far as the eye can see. Not a healer in sight.

Anonymous 13/07/2009, 13:04  

lol unfair? When you lvl to 80 and you are still in blues and green gear and join a bg do you not get 2 or 3 shotted by pallys?( the same concept ppl) I think its so ignorant when people say its unfair when they go in a bg with 197 health at lvl 15 and get one shotted. Put some gear on thats the reason it is there. We are getting nerfed and critiqued for getting well geard and a low lvl. I have a lvl 19 twink and to be honest most of us carry the low lvls. Now they are seperating us after taking away enchants and gear from us. Why is blizz so anti twinks now. 3.2 = longer q times and will eventually force us to just lvl or stick with our mains.

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