Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Argent Charger.

The Argent Charger is a Paladin specific mount available from the Dame Evniki Kapsalis, the Crusader's Quartermaster in the Argent Pavilion. Also for sale are the Argent Warhorse, Pony Bridle, Argent Tabard and Argent Banner. Unsurprisingly, you need to have attained the title of 'Crusader' to unlock these rewards:

The Charger and the Warhorse cost 100 Champion Seals each. At first glance this seems like a lot, especially for those still saving for all the pets, mounts and flying mounts available from the Tourney as a whole. However there are also at least 5 new daily quests to complete for more Seals, as well as drops from the 5-man Dungeon.

The Warhorse, which every Crusader has access to, is a recolour of the lvl30 Paladin mount. The Argent Charger is a recolour of the lvl60 Epic Mount.

I love how it looks, but I also love the Silver Covenant Hippogryph (Exalted with Silver Covenant req.), which is 150 Seals. If you want to save for either you'll have to make up your own mind which you prefer, but acquiring both is a matter of time rather than skill.


Lance over at A Bit Of Lance has a great write-up of the new Tourney features as a whole (so good, I wish I'd seen it before I wrote this ;)). Give it a look.


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