Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wrath Friends and Family Alpha Over?

WoW Insider are reporting that the Friends and Family Alpha has finished, sourcing your two favourite Alpha Leak sites. The same sources report that the expansion is in a very rough state right now so the deadline seems pretty arbitrary, especially as neither hide nor hair of the the Paladin and Hunter talent trees/spells have been seen. It may be a reflection of the looming spectre of Warhammer: Age of Reckoning in September (if it makes that date), and perhaps something of a giddy up for their developers in that regard. I just hope they can cope with the sorts of Beta Testers they've let themselves in for.

Conspiracy theories are already abound suggesting that this is the first indication of the influence of Activision on Blizzard since the merger, but it is worth repeating that Blizz had a history of a 'we'll fix it in Beta' for certain development milestones long before this. It also may indicate a longer than anticipated Beta Period (IIRC The Burning Crusade was around 4 months from Beta to Gold), or perhaps that with all the leaks 'Alpha' status and NDA were proving to be meaningless.

Regrettably this is just the sort of news that will rattle the collective cages of the Paladin (and I would guess Hunter) community. You can unfortunately hear the seething mass of resentment all ready to boil over onto the official forums. It probably can't be helped, but I really hope that the talents and class changes for both Hunters and Paladins are halfway decent in order to sate the unwashed.



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