Saturday, July 05, 2008

Resurrection and Back to the Front.

Well for the first time since mid-March, and thanks to a mate with a well timed Scroll of Resurrection, I'm back in action in Azeroth and Outland. And coming back I realise just what I state I left my characters in.

  • No Worthwhile Primals
  • Only the Cheapest of Outland Herbs
  • No rep items
  • Only 75g between all four of my 70's

  • So, what does a guy who hasn't been logged in since 2.3.2 do with 10 days free play time? Well, pretty obvious really: check out the Sunwell Dailies, the Midsummer Seasonal content, level a Shaman alt a little, and spend a bit of time in a Battleground. Of course then I discovered at 1am that the Midsummer content was due to finish at some point (and I mean 'some point', I'd forgotten when exactly when the day time ticked over) in the morning, so there was a mad rush to go from 150 to 350 tickets and pick up the non-combat pet for my Paladin. I just managed to accomplish that at 2.55am, using the power of Wow Wiki and Alliance too busy socialising to want to bother little ol' me.

    With a bit of luck I'll get into some Heroics and possibly even Karazhan during my 10-day trial, and otherwise I'll be looking at playing around with a Shaman or Druid alt. Yay me ;).


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