Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Rebuke Day: 4.0.6 Patch Reaction

At first I was like

and then I

But as Ret I was still


Anonymous 10/02/2011, 03:30  


Not sure about the Rebuke change just yet. I'm usually focused on my healadin spec most days. If I'm in melee range healing, that's usually not healthy. ;)

Rhidach 10/02/2011, 16:09  

Hahaha, awesome. :)

Antigen 10/02/2011, 16:10  

I raised a cocked eyebrow to the CS miss/dodge/parry "bug fix", but my head didn't quite reach the desk as I'm already hit and expertise-capped, so...

But you've more or less hit the nail on the head with my reaction to the patch!

Anonymous 10/02/2011, 17:37  

I feel like that guy in more ways than one. Never having played with interrupts before, I've been a little spastic this week with Rebuke.

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