Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Note on Heroic Halls of Reflection.


Paladins of all stripes. Please note that the baddies in the Halls of Reflection Gauntlet event are Undead. This means that you too can finally CC*. Set up a focus macro for Turn Evil and make that blighter run around rather than wail on your tank or healer (esp the Riflemen).

This goes doubly for Ret Paladins.

And triply for Ret Paladins who still haven't used Repentence in PvE content.

*CC. You remember, Crowd Control. Using some method to prevent an NPC from performing actions.

Yeah, like Mages in Burning Crusade heroics. Well remembered.

Right, had to get that off my chest. Back to your regularly scheduled silence.


Ninjasuperspy 16/12/2009, 15:10  


I completely forgot about Turn Evil.

I am a Bad Ret Paladin.

Sygor 16/12/2009, 15:12  

I have used Repentance every time, but i completely forgot Turn Undead, Thanks for teh headsup!

Klepsacovic 16/12/2009, 18:06  

I've not yet had a chance to use repentance, since I am too impatient to run as DPS. But I have seen shackle make the instance trivial. I imagine repentance or turn undead from someone other than the tank could do the same. If I could convince them to do it.

Will Armstrong 16/12/2009, 21:42  

Heh, I actually dropped into a HoR run with 3 other paladins (and a druid). Two were Ret. No CC was used until I had to ask.

That said, I completely forgot about Turn Evil. I usually ignore it since it has a habit of running enemies into other groups, but in this situation there's nothing to pull.

Antigen 18/12/2009, 15:31  

CC was so BC, OMG WTF?!

But seriously, other than PvP and very, very select trash packs in Ulduar, I haven't used Repentance since BC, and I wasn't even playing a paladin back then.

Figure that one out.

mknac 19/12/2009, 15:54  

OMG, I too had completely forgotten about turn undead, thanks.

Anonymous 21/12/2009, 03:29  

Turn Evil might reset the encounter. Not sure it was because the rifleman ran too far under this effect or because a new player joined the group while the gauntlet event was still going.
-Holy paladin

Redlegg 21/12/2009, 21:53  

I've tried using CC in all instances where I can. The problem is that over eager tanks don't fricken leave the blighter alone! Worse still are the DK tanks and they're blood mind-numbing anti-concentration that blizzard should tone down the graphic on!

I think that Blizzard has made the game less fun by making it so that there is so MUCH AoE and removed the ability to Repent (since they so buffed it on LK some months back). Ah well!

BigFire 22/12/2009, 16:22  

If I run Halls of Reflection on my Paladin, most likely I'll be tanking. Turn Undead is a spell I NEVER use while tanking, since I actually want things to hit on me.

Gloryee 31/12/2009, 03:30  

I've been playing a ret pally for a little bit now, and I love her. I love that we can totally CC in HoR!! Shamefully, I hadn't remembered Repentance until one of my friends brought it to my attention. Now, I'm all over that! :D

Firespirit 06/01/2010, 15:08  

OMG, I feel like a little nublet. I cannot believe that I forgot turn undead....

*sigh* I guess my action bars are in bad need of a total clear and rebuild. I have been running with the same setup since I dinged 80, and they are so... cluttered. None of my alts have that problem, because I have them all organized from the onset.

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