Friday, October 16, 2009

Things I Hate, Onyxia Edition.

I hate:

1) Disconnecting Off-tanks. If your internet isn't stable you probably shouldn't be doing an important job.

2) Disconnecting Healers. As (1), but I'm willing to forgive you if no other healers are online.

In fact, just about anyone Disconnecting. Except for the other Ret Pally, he can disconnect all he wants so long as he doesn't roll on gear.

3) Having to be a whelp tank to replace (1) as the only reasonably geared tank off-spec in the raid.

4) DPS in front of the Big Add, or anywhere near the Add's tank. Cleave = 5-yard chaining death.

5) Healers in front of the Big Add. See above.

6) Tanks not turning the big add away from (4) and (5).

7) Melee DPS without Enemy Cast Bars turned on, and hence standing in Blast Nova when it's a 5 fecking second cast. Seriously. Just. Argh!!!

8) Shoddy Phase 3 Transitions. Sometimes understandable, but Onyxia shouldn't be coming down in a nasty position if ranged DPS is told to stop at 41% until RL tells them to bring her down.

9) DPS Standing anywhere near the Whelp Pits during (8). If your whelp tank is pulling away from them now is not the time to rush towards them, if necessary stay in SW/SE until Onyxia is in the right place.

And the prime, number one thing I hate:

10) Wiping for 2 hours on a boss we really should one-shot by now.

Auxiliary thing I hate, not limited to Onyxia

Someone pointing out mid-raid where a specific member of the raid went wrong (in painstaking detail), going on about it for quarter of an hour without making any actually useful observations. A word to the wise everyone, you can only go on and on and on for so long until other raid members start to think you're just in love with your own voice.

This post was inspired by Wednesday's Onyxia raid.


Anonymous 16/10/2009, 15:18  

My old guild wiped on that for weeks on 25's, first time we got it, we had to 6 man the last phase, with 2 heals, 1 tank rest dps. Took so long the one druid alive was able to B-rez, then that droods B-rez reset, but it felt like it to an hour even though it probably only took 15 minutes. Thank god Ony has no engrage. That said, fuck that fight. If I want a stupid helm to wear for fun, I'll put on my brewfest goggles.

Anonymous 16/10/2009, 15:34  

>>add to the list:

DPS who start hitting onyxia AS SOON AS SHE the tank can't pull her back to the wall and she nukes everyone to death.


Anonymous 16/10/2009, 17:08  


Keiya 22/10/2009, 02:18  

Ugh even without a cast bar, Blast Nova has a giant ass fire circle graphic. That should be a pretty big hint to any melee within its range.

Kromus 26/10/2009, 10:20  

I love onxyia fight, but it is annoying when the tanks are as respondant as a dead murloc.

"sorry I thought the healers could take a few whelps"

not for the whole fight lmao.

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