Saturday, April 04, 2009

Name That Paladin!

I've just transferred my original Paladin off his server and onto Steamwheedle-EU. Unfortunately his old name (Janus) is taken, so I'm looking for a few ideas. The character is a Paladin (obviously), currently Miner/Blacksmith but I may change him to a Miner/Jewelcrafter and has been around since the EU release (hence grey hair). He should be running Prot/Holy or Prot/Ret at lvl70+.

My character names are typically taken from Greek or Roman Mythology, but I'm certainly not adverse to taking something different so long as it's cool and fits the character.

Any ideas are very welcome...

Except his. Shut it Karpit.

See what I have to work with?


No! And stop sucking up, BRK doesn't even read this blog.


Anonymous 04/04/2009, 20:38  

Whats wrong with DivineSpehiroth? :P lmao

Faithbearer? That's what I always name my little Paladins alts on other servers that are forgotten in two days' time...

Gazimoff 05/04/2009, 01:56  

I dunno. You could always name him after one of he Roman Emperors or Dictators, like Nero, Caligula, Claudius or Julius. You can find a bunch of them on Wikipedia.

Failing that, lift your keyboard to your face and roll a few times. Tweak it a bit until you've got something pronounceable, and go with that.

Klepsacovic 05/04/2009, 07:01  

Do you have any shamans? Name it after a common misspelling of the shaman. It worked well for me.

Alex - aka Firelight 05/04/2009, 19:33  

Hmm...He looks sorta distinguished.

I'm feeling something with a "G"..

How are these?


Merlot 06/04/2009, 11:13  

Prometheus and Apollo are good fits from Greek mythology, with lots of good connotations for paladins. They're a little ostentatious for a human though :P

Dallanna 07/04/2009, 00:23  

I would go for Nicodemus.

Pangoria Fallstar 22/04/2009, 13:40  

Look up Charlamagne's paladins, that's what I did.

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